Security Ministry

Hope Fellowship Church of Rockford Security Ministry is designed to provide physical and emotional security to its members, visitors, and associates when attending functions of the church. The security ministry will provide a safe surrounding for church activities that include the collecting of titles and offerings, parking, and general physical security.  

Mission Statement

The primary purpose of Hope Fellowship Church Security Program is to maintain a peaceful, safe environment which is conducive to teaching, learning, working, living, and sharing in the word of our Lord and Savior.  The program will work through its dedicated members to actively solicit and encourage the cooperation of the church family to decrease the opportunity for crime and to facilitate maximum member participation in crime prevention by following basic rules and guidelines. 


The goals of the Hope Fellowship Security Program are:
Provide a safe place to worship
Remove fear from the minds of the members and visitors who attend
Provide physical security of the building and its contents
Work with local law enforcement agencies to prevent crime
Protect financial assets of the church
Provide protection and security for the pastor of the church, both in house and on the road. 

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