Media Ministry

Purposes: The Media Team oversees all social media as well as the church website and app for Hope Fellowship Church of Rockford, along with informing the Rockford community about our church. Managing in house Sound, displays, and cameras

Makeup Committee:

5 Media Team Positions
Social Media Directory- La’Vannah WIlson
Social Media Marketer
Content Creator
Point of Contact
Visual & Audio Director

Media Ministry Responsibilities:

Members must be active within the church
Members must be comfortable with social media and technology

Social Media Directory:

Should be a devoted church member who knows the church core values and Pastor’s vision very well. A social media directory responsibilities are both regarding the Pastor’s & church brand, and the team itself.

Social Media Marketer: 

Responsible for organizing and advertising church events over social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, instagram,. Tiktok, and Snapchat)

Media Secretary:

Responsibilities include but not limited to: coordinating with the Media director and Online Pastor to develop, manage, and organize communication between virtual members.

Visual & Audio team:

Responsible for providing high-quality operation of the audio visual systems and technology. The team is in charge of maintaining, troubleshooting, fixing and improving the church production system.

Content Creator: 

Responsible for creating/providing all online flyers and videos for all church events and functions.  

Point of Contact:

Responsible for interacting with the church members (in person and virtually). This person is in charge of the engagement of the Church’s social media platforms.

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