Audio/Video Ministry 

Audio and Visual team

The Audio and Visual team is a great place to serve if you like to listen to music or if you like to work with computers and video equipment. If you are interested in finding out more about serving on one of these teams, there is an opportunity to observe the team for a couple of weeks prior to making a commitment. Training generally takes place “on the job” working alongside a veteran member of the team. Come and join a fun and creative group of people using their gifts and talents for God.

Point of Contact - Mario “Polo”

SOUND Technicians

Our Sound Team consists of technicians who support the audio needs for speakers, musicians,guests, video presentations, etc. The sound board operator is a key element in our church worship. The person has direct control over all audio output during service, church productions, and special events. Potential team members have the opportunity to shadow and work alongside current team operators before making any commitments. Typically, those that make the best sound techs are very detail oriented, can stay focused under pressure, and can think quickly on their feet. It is also necessary to have had some measure of musical training or experience.


We currently have two video cameras that we use for worship service and other programs here at Hope Fellowship Church. Throughout the year there are many opportunities to video major events and special projects. Those that make good camera techs are very detail oriented, can stay focused, and can operate a camera for over an hour without physical fatigue.


Supported by one large front projection screen in the Sanctuary, 1 flat screen television in the overflow area, 1 rear flat screen television in the sanctuary. Team members should have intermediate level computer skills (including the ability to navigate between computer directories), be able to work well with others, be flexible and be able to work under time constraints. A “feel for music” is helpful, but not required.


If you’ve ever been to a special event here at Hope, you might have noticed photographers taking pictures so that we can capture the special moments of the event. The Photo Team helps us see what happens in the life of Hope Fellowship Church of Rockford. 

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